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Leveraging the Consulting Power of AI: Using ChatGPT as your Sparring Partner

There is no denying that AI has entered our life for good. Some weeks ago, I finally found time to try OpenAI ChatGPT. The excitement was immense, yet I knew from the beginning what I would ask first.

It’s been a while since I published my practical and simple model for measuring and improving collaboration between teams and individuals using 10 Foundational Collaboration Elements

The Challenge

When ChatGPT became available, my first thought was, “...what if I asked it to challenge my model?”.

So I did! In short, I have asked ChatGPT to:

💬 Tell me about the strengths and weaknesses of my model.

💬 List what collaboration elements the model doesn't cover (compared with other global trends).

💬 List the top 20 elements of collaboration recognized broadly based on other models.

The Results

During our "conversation", ChatGPT has:

💥 Provided its point of view on my model’s strengths and weaknesses, covering the “10 Foundational Elements of Collaboration” and its implementation.

💥 Gone into a decent level of reasoning for each weakness, while it successfully elaborated further when asked.

💥 Listed the “most important” collaboration aspects/elements (we played two rounds on this) that my model was missing compared to other industry-wide accepted models.

💥 Listed the most recognized Top 20 Collaboration Aspects based on global standards, trends, and other known models.

ChatGPT as a Consultant / "Sparring Partner" for your Business Models and Ideas

Availability, speed, and directness were the things that impressed me the most while interacting with ChatGPT.

Of course, the answers were very inspiring and informative and provided an outstanding, challenging (sparring) environment. They have helped me think of how to improve the model in a very concrete and tangible way.

This doesn’t mean I have to embrace all its suggestions, but the answers provided unique perspectives that can be seriously considered and examined further, such as (examples):

  • Would you consider Creativity a mandatory element for people to collaborate?

  • What about Leadership? What if you have a group without any natural leaders? Does that mean they should fail to collaborate?

  • Should Cultural Awareness be a Foundational Element of Collaboration, and how can we measure and improve it?

A couple of things, though, to pay attention to:

🚨 Assume that AI has access to "correct knowledge" (or expertise) of the topic you talk about, in variety and depth.

🚨 AI may not always explain what exact models or resources it used to come to its suggestions. It can be right, wrong, old and outdated, new and non-tested, and the list can keep going...

Additionally, asking AI to tell you more about the resources it used to come to its response may end up jeopardizing the reason or the benefits of why you use such a tool instead of going to a human in the first place.

In any case, ChatGPT as a consultant is:






I would love to hear more from you on the topic.

  • Have you given ChatGPT or any other AI tool already a try?

  • What are your favorite usages of ChatGPT or other similar tools?

  • What pros/cons do you see?


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