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The Power of the 10 Foundational Elements of Collaboration and Chat GPT, combined


Great leaders excel not just in mission and vision setting but in operational collaboration. By embodying the 10 Foundational Elements of Collaboration, they foster a culture of empathy, proactive communication, and active listening in daily interactions, ensuring that every team member feels valued and engaged in achieving shared goals.


  • Solid Collaboration Model
    (10 Foundational Elements of Collaboration).

  • Can help you build your survey by providing you concrete questions.

  • Uses the Power of AI - Chat GPT4

  • Trained how to interpret your weaknesses.

  • Trained on using your strengths and personality to help you overcome your blind spots.

  • Trained to correlate your 10 Collaboration score with other widely known models such as StrengthsFinder 2.0** and Enneagram**

  • Access to Global Web Resources

  • Multimodal (Text, Data, Image)

  • It is a great, advanced, and always available sparring partner.

  • It is Free*!

*Collaboration Catalyst is FREE for all ChatGPT Plus users. Access to ChatGPT Plus may require a subscription. For more information on how to get access to ChatGPT Plus please visit the official website of Open AI at:

** StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Enneagram belong to their respective owners. There is no official affiliation with them. Their models are already known by ChatGPT access and knowledge base. 

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